This time of year always reminds me of the bittersweet in life - when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly and takes off. There is the seder supper with the bitter herbs and sweet breads that bring to life the Spring Equinox at the family table. There is the transition from cool, sunny running months to hot, humid, sweltering running months. The warmer half of the year is my favorite except my allergies are at their worst.

The bittersweets of life are unavoidable for us. You might be experiencing your own such transitions with graduation and an empty nest or graduating from college yourself saying goodbye to friends and mentors heading off for the next life phase. Or maybe you’ve just finished one of the best reads your book club has ever selected. Maybe you’re leaving a job in one city where you’ve put down roots for a promotion in another where you’ll have to start all over. Whatever the experience, you’re probably looking back and looking ahead while trying to stay right here in the moment savoring what you can.

Summer often is the time when life is slower but more out of balance what with the comings and goings of vacations and kids out of school and schedules changing constantly to keep up with the slowing down - the bittersweet beauty of irregularity. That’s summer’s selling point. Just like schedule and routine can be comforting, the raw, crooked angles provided by bittersweet moments can provide the perspective we need, if we learn to appreciate the freshness, differentness of the lopsidedness.

Instead of gliding gently, swimmingly into summer, how about we try jumping in with both feet, tearing in like lightening and luxuriating with fierceness. Because bittersweet are the times of inspiration and creativity, be inspired to use the not-so-beautiful to tap into your creative juices whatever they might be.

Summer is relatively short, so it’s going to take a revolution on our part to blaze from one end to the other if we want results. So, whatever you’re trying to create - one last family-friendly vacation before your oldest heads to university; the perfect girls’ weekend before the first of your bestests has a baby; the most doable training plan for your first marathon; or to run your first 5k in the Fall - use the asymmetry this time of year provides to cultivate the power you need to move forward, head-long with a warrior yell, to your goal. And know the finish line might be bittersweet.