The Geometry of LIfe

I was standing in the shower the other morning noticing how different the water felt and how different I felt in the shower. Why? Because we have a new shower with a different kind of shower head - one that rains down instead of shooting outward. Now don’t think I’ve begun marketing for Raincan® shower heads. It’s that I was struck how something so simple could change my shower experience. Experiencing something I’ve done a thousand times from a different angle somehow changed that everyday experience for me.

It got me to thinking about how we become limited by our habits and routines in life. How we get stuck experiencing our life from the same aspects day in day out year after year. It is like high school geometry class. My brain does not work in a mathematical way, so I had to get used to using the other side of it in studying the relationships between plane and space using odd-shaped measuring devices and Pythagoras’s theorem.

When I did finally master it, I saw things around me in a wholly different way. I began looking for right angles and rhombuses and isosceles triangles and parallelograms. What if we were to willingly readjust the angle from which we see and experience our life?

Children are great teachers for this kind of thing. They often are looking at life from interesting angles we as adults have long forgotten. Kids have their own slant on life. They know it’s good to be silly and get dirty and play outside and eat desert first and not care what anyone else thinks about it. They run at their own pace.

Artist types, too, often seem to know an aspect of life the rest of us just don’t seem to grasp in the same way. It’s as if their imaginations run in a different dimension than mine. I know in my own creative process it’s important for me to approach life from a novel perspective for fresh ideas and to shift my approach to keep up with life’s never-ending invitation to change.

Usually some kind of crisis forces us to look at life in a different way and adapt to the situation. The best problem solvers are those people who not only have tried and true ways of dealing with adversity effectively, but also have the ability to mindfully try something different when those methods aren’t working. Sometimes approaching life from a different angle allows the realization that what you need is right there in front of you.

I change my perspectives through running, writing and practicing mindfulness. And sometimes these change things inside me. It is truly freeing to change up my habits and routines from a totally different juxtaposition. What would happen if you began noticing your life from a different angle - take a different running route, drive a different way to work, use your left hand when you prefer the right - how would your ideas and processes change?

So, I’m calling that part of you that is tired of your status quo. Calling that restless, imaginative spirit to be curious about a different angle.