Merci, ¡Gracias, Hvala, Thank You!

I was reading a popular print magazine, albeit on my iPad, the other day and there in the editor’s note was this challenge: “to thank the person who gave you a bit of enlightenment.”

I’ve received this gift from more than one person in my life through conversations and running, reading and relationships.

So here it is:

Dear family, friends, pets, neighbors, running, creative process and nature:

Thank you for teaching me that despite life circumstances, I can choose peace and happiness. And that I can share those with others. Thank you for showing me that even in the midst of judgement and criticism of myself or someone/something I love, I can choose not to let those words define me. Thank you for encouraging me to be the healthiest and most creative me even when I wanted to quit.

Thank you for teaching me to balance my To Do List with my Don’t Do List. Thank you for teaching me I can choose humbleness and gratitude even in the midst frustration and disappointment. Thank you for pacing me up the hills of life and running with wild abandon down the other side of them with me. Thank you for teaching me to be responsible for my time on this Earth. Thank you for teaching me to honor the rituals and traditions in life with rest and purpose.

Thank you all. Thank you for shining your light of grace on me. My tank is full and my cup runneth over with gratitude. My heart is warm and my spirit lifted. You all inspire me to be the best person I can be.

With Love,

Writing this has given me the idea to put pen to paper and send personalized letters of thank you to those people in my life who have added abundance to mine. In December, I’ll turn 49 and what better way to spend the last year of my 40th decade than thanking the people who will have a profound affect my 50th decade.

How about you? Who do you need to write a Thank You Letter to and what would it say?